Wedding Planning 101 - Where do I start?

There are two types of brides in this world, the one who gets excited at the thought of wedding planning and the other who is automatically filled with anxiety and dread when the words wedding planning are mentioned. Personally, I was bride number 2. The thought of even popping my wedding planning cherry made my heart race and had me reaching for the closest source of alcohol. If I have learnt anything over the past 4 years working in the wedding industry; it’s that I am not the only one who dreaded wedding planning.
The one question I see constantly popping up on wedding forums and Facebook groups is – "Help!! Where do I even start wedding planning?" My advice? Put pen to paper. Buy a wedding planner, start an excel spread sheet, a 50c exercise book from Office works, anything that works in your budget and start writing down ideas. Let Google, Instagram, Facebook, of course Pinterest be your best friend. There are so many resources available at your fingertips these days that wedding planning doesn’t need to be as scary as we may think.
Check out some of my favourite wedding inspo websites and tools below to start you on your wedding planning journey!

Wedding Planner

Wedding planner book

“Countdown to Wife Life” Wedding Planner/Diary

This little gem has everything you need to get started. With 200 pages of handy tips, tricks and reminders, it is the perfect accessory to store all of your thoughts, goals and general wedding planning business.

Facebook groups

When all your friends and family are tired of hearing about your wedding, you can turn to other like-minded brides in some amazing supportive and friendly Facebook groups.



If you are looking for a magazine to scroll through on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I recommend you buy yourself a copy of “Hello May” magazine. With pages among pages of wedding inspo and tips, you can’t go wrong.



One of my favourite pages to follow is BRIDES Magazine instragram page. With over 1.1m followers, they are pretty damn popular with Brides.



Need I say more? Pinterest will become your one stop shop for wedding inspo. You can literally type in anything and be inspired straight away. Tip – Create your own boards to make your pins easier to find!


Wedding planning is tough; I’m not going to lie. Working out budgets, picking a venue, a dress, your bridal party… it can be hard work. Then throw in some family drama, work and just life in general and it can all seem a little overwhelming. Trust me when I say – it doesn’t have to be. With a good plan in place, you can be on your way to wedding planning bliss. 

Follow my blog journey as I dive deep into wedding planning and provide you with tips and tricks I wish someone told me when I was planning my own wedding.


If you have any wedding planning advice, I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below and share your wedding planning wisdom!


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